You have arrived at the home site of CD Cleaning LLC

We look forward to helping you with all your professional cleaning needs, before we get to that. We would just like to welcome you to our home away from home. My name is Patrick McKinley co-owner of this site and business. I am a professional all-purpose cleaner with years of experience.

We can dust, Wax and clean your home from your chandelier all the way down to the dirtiest dusty basement. Kitchen stoves are the most used and hardest to clean, that is where we come in. I will be posting videos of our work, posting photos of before and after effects our company brings to you. We are a LLC fully insured company working out of the Boston area.

All C D Cleaners employees have been through a very extensive background check with the state systems Query check. This is done to rest assure that all employees are working on the same goal, to do our best. We have a multi-talented field of specialty cleaners that work throughout Massachusetts. We clean Commercial /Residential and perform every job with respect and passion that it deserves. We are in the market of maintaining Restaurants, Office buildings and Residential.

The Target market of CD Cleaning is to take the Burden of cleaning off the minds of anyone who works rigorously hard during the workweek. We are here to do the cleaning for you, no matter what the job is. We will leave your home spotless looking great. Upon further request we can bring your vinyl floors back to life. Our 40 year old secret spin on waxing and stripping will bring out the best shine in your floors.

Also please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions concerns and even compliments! Our Company take our work very seriously!

Enjoy your stay!