Our company will do the overall cleaning to your restaurant, the cleaning that your typical cleaner will not do. This will give owners a piece of mind knowing their restaurants have a thorough cleaning  for all their customers to enjoy while eating.


  • All spills that leak between the booths from accidents that people have when eating.
  • Getting under the tables and bar stools//chairs
  • Top of light fixtures
  • Clean all the booths
  • Scrub and re coat floors
  • Get all the dust off of the fine art designs that are displayed.
  • Get all the dirt from the plants on the window sills
  • Clean window sills
  • Wipe down walls in the dining area.

Our services are far above the typical cleaning company we get the dirt and dust that is hidden and not hidden.Our company will come in once a month or when needed to give the owner a piece of mind to know that their customers are eating in a clean dust free environment.